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Polo Economic Development Corporation


​The POLO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (PEDC) is organized for charitable, educational and civic purposes in addition to promoting the development, establishment or expansion of industries and businesses. Specifically, PEDC is organized to aid in fostering community and economic growth, development, and an enhanced quality of life and to lessen the burdens of government for residents of the City of Polo and the surrounding area. This includes setting goals and objectives for community and economic development projects, fund raising, and doing all things necessary but not specifically mentioned herein to achieve community and economic development for the City of Polo.

It is anticipated that in the future, the Polo Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) will undertake projects, provide incentive financing, apply for and obtain governmental and private grants, etc., to fulfill its mission of promoting to the economic development of Polo and the surrounding area.

Principle Activities. To accomplish said purposes, PEDC may engage in the following principle activities:
   (a) Enhancement of the community’s natural, physical, economic and historic resources; 
   (b) Recruitment of new business and industry; 
   (c) Making Grants and Loans for the corporation’s stated non-profit purposes; 
   (d) Business retention and expansion; 
   (e) Planning; 
   (f) Grant writing; 
   (g) Engagement in the normal functions, operations, programs, and pursuits incidental to a fully recognized and 
        operational non-profit community development corporation. 

As a non-profit corporation, the PEDC may only engage in those activities allowable under law. PEDC may not endorse any political parties or candidates. 

President - Dustin Vock
Vice President - Josh Faivre
Secretary/Treasurer - Sydney Bartelt

Betty Obendorf
Mark Scholl
Greg Cross
Andy Faivre
Louise Hall
Don Vock
Mike Faivre
Randy Schoon
James Reynolds

Meeting Times
The Polo Economic Development Corporation meets the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm at City Hall. The public is welcome to attend any meetings.

Schedule of 2021 Polo Economic Development Corporation Meetings