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​City of Polo Wastewater Treatment Plant

​The new water reclamation facility was built to replace the aging and deteriorating plant that was building in the 1930’s and upgraded in the 1960’s. The existing plant could not meet their ammonia effluent requirements in their National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The new facility will now meets current effluent standards, with enough space to expand for future community needs and additional effluent standards. The new facility is designed for a 0.5 MGD utilizing the following processes: influent lift station, fine screening, grit removal, activated sludge oxidation ditch, final clarification, aerobic sludge digestion, liquid sludge storage, a lab/office/building and a headwork building. The activated sludge oxidation ditch, aerobic digestion and liquid sludge storage plant is designed to utilizes common wall construction which in turn reduces the concrete tank construction cost and the overall footprint of the facility. The project also includes upgrades to the existing wet weather flow lift station and the conversion of the tertiary lagoon into additional wet weather flow storage. 

This project was designed and supervised engineers from Willett, Hoffmann & Associates.

Two projects were combined with the following cost break down:

Contract #1 – Wastewater Treatment Plant: $7,490,697

Contract #2 – Oregon St. Lift Station, Sanitary Sewer and Forcemain: $228,754.13

Total Construction: $7,719,451.13

Engineering: $994,000

Total Project Cost: $8,713,451.13

Principal Forgiveness (Grant) 25% of Project Cost: $2,178,362.78

IEPA Loan: $6,535,088.35 – 20 Yrs at 1.25% interest

Headworks & Oxidation Ditch

Oxidation Ditch

Headworks Building

 T-Cup and Grits Snail in Headworks Building

Basement in the Lab Office Building-Sludge Pumps
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